2018 Calendar of Events   (Last update 01-07-18)
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*Don't forget to verify all dates with the respective congregation.*


11/ Sing at Commack
9-10/ Women's conference at West Islip
16-18/ Winterfest in Tennessee
17/ Men's Breakfast at Bethpage
24/ Black History at Roosevelt

4/ Sing at West Islip
10/ Ladies Day at Roosevelt
24 or 31/ Walter Maxwell Scholarship Fund (Actual date to be announced)
25-30/ Gospel Meeting at Patchogue

6/ Bilingual worship service at Long Island
8/ Sing at Baisley
7/ Men's Breakfast at Riverhead (not confirmed)
20-22/ Youth rally at Patchogue
29/ All Island Worship at Commack

5/ Ladies Day at Huntington
6/ Sing at Huntington
12/ Ladies Day at East Flushing (not confirmed)
14-18/ Long Island Lectureship at Roosevelt
27/ East Flushing anniversary (not confirmed)

2/ Men's Breakfast at West Islip
3/ Sing at Riverhead
15-16/ Kent Men's Retreat

1/ Roosevelt Homecoming
Sing at Roosevelt
4/ Fish Fry at Roosevelt
1-5/ Roosevelt Gospel Meeting
9-13/ Commack VBS
15-21/ Tidal River Christian Camp in Connecticut
28/ BBQ at Huntington
29 - Aug 1/ Long Island VBS
29 - Aug 5/ Patchogue VBS

???/ Men's Breakfast at East Flushing (date to be announced)
5/ Sing at Betpage
6-10/ VBS at Roosevelt
10/ Cookout at Roosevelt
18/ Ladies Day at Patchogue


9/ Sing at Patchogue
22/ Ladies Day at Patchogue
30/ All Island Worship at Roosevelt

7/ Sing at East Flushing (not confirmed)
7-11/ Gospel Meeting at Bethpage (not confirmed)
12-14/ Sunset Workshop at Roosevelt
13/ Fall Festival at Huntington (not confirmed)
21-25/ Gospel Meeting at Patchogue
27/ Sight & Sound trip hosted by Roosevelt

2/ Bilingual Devo @ Long Island 8:00 - 9:00
4/ Sing at Southside (not confirmed)
10/ Ladies Day at Commack
21/ Thanksgiving service at Commack 7:30
21/ Thanksgiving service at West Islip 8:00

Men's Breakfast/Calendar planning at Commack
8-9/ Winterfest at Huntington
19/ Christmas Service at Commack
31/ End of year program at Bethpage
31/ End of year program at Roosevelt

Corrections, Changes and additions...
(Jan 7th updates. April: Men's Breakfast at Riverhead is on April 7th. Sing at Baisley is on April 8th. October: Men's Breakfast at Baisley on Oct 20th was added.)