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                                                       Care Package Program www.AnySoldier.com

Here is a list of suggestions on items we can send to the Troops. I will have a collection box in the foyer. When I receive enough items to send, I will send a package. If you know someone personally, let me know and we will send them a care package.
We will also be sending letters of encouragement and support
Please let me know if you are interested. E-mail Mary Jean at  LoavesAndFishesMinistry@verizon.net


To print a one page list of items needed, click here.  

***Please! Read restrictions below!

     Food Items      

      Food Items     


  More Items Needed  

    For the Women    

Beef Jerky
Tuna Salad Kit
(Packs or Canned)
Canned Chicken
Canned Pasta
Microwavable Foods
Macaroni and Cheese
Popcorn - Gold Fish
Soups, Cup of Soup
Soup for One, Ramen
Packaged Cheese
Pop Tarts
Protein Powders, Bars
Breakfast Bars
Granola bars
Single serve Cereals
Oatmeal - Cream of Wheat
Peanut Butter - Jelly
Canned Dips
Individually Wrapped Snacks
Brownies - Hostess Cakes
Cakes - Cookies - Crackers
Lilí Debbie Cakes
Chips - Pretzels - Nuts
Canned Chips
Party Mix
Canned fruit
w/ flip top cans
Sunflower Seeds
Hard Candies
Life Savers
Gummy Worms/Bears
Candy, Star Burst, Gum
M & Mís - Licorice

Kool Aide Mix
Gatorade Mix

Crystal Light - Tang
Iced Tea
Hot Chocolate

Coffee (Reg. & Decaf)
Coffee filters

Tea - Herbal Tea
Sugar - Sweeteners
Ensure - Protein Drinks

DVDís - CDís - VHS
Books - Magazines
Puzzle Books

Word Finds
Game Boyís & Games
X-Box Games
Play Station Games
Hand held Games
Board & Card Games


Bug Repellants

Chap Stick
Flip Flops /
Shower Shoes

Soap, Liquid and Bar

Bath Powder
Shower Gel
Q-tips/ Cotton Balls
Dental Floss/Mouthwash
Shaving Cream
Razors/Gillette Mach 3
Baby Wipes
Lotion for dry skin
Saline Nasal Spray
Eye Drops/Wipes
Lidocane Cream 4%
Anti Fungal Products
Foot Care Products
Waterless Hand Sanitizer
Vitamins Menís/Womenís
Toilet Tissue
Brush or Comb
Nail File/Clipper
Cough Lozenges
Band aideís
Tylenol / Adv

Brown or Green

Socks any Color
Laundry Bags

Greeting Cards

Paper, Envelopes

Alarm Clocks (Battery Operated)
Pens, Pencils
Bed Linens
Pillows, Towels
Throw rugs
Digital Cameraís
Sports Equipment
Letters of Support
Fly Swatters
Fly Tapeís
Cleaning Supplies
Air Fresheners
Dishwashing Liquid/Pads
AA Batteries
Small Flashlights
Plastic Dishes
Bowls, Cups
AT&T Phone Cards
 *Zip Lock Bags
        (all sizes)


Sanitary Pads
Panty Liners
Sports Bras
Nice smelling Soaps
Hair Products
Hair Bands, Black/Brown
Lip Gloss

   For Iraqi Children  
Beanie Babies
Small Stuffed Toys
Coloring Books
Colored Markers
Pens, Pencils
Note Books

   Things We Need   
Packing Tape
Packing supplies
** Shoe Boxes
*** Volunteers to help with the cost of shipping.


To print a one page list of items needed, click here.  

IDEA: Have kids ask around to collect Game Boys & Games they don't want anymore.

Sports Stuff, Baseballs, Footballs, Old Gloves, Frisbees (ANYTHING NERF)

Beanie Babies or Small Stuffed Toys, or Small Toys (To give to Iraqi Children)

***Restrictions: No pork products.
Nothing that will melt in the HOT Iraqi sun: frosting on cakes, chocolate bars, etc.

* We are in desperate need of zip lock bags. Small, medium and large.
* I will also need shoe boxes to send care packages in. Nothing bigger than 9Ē x 9Ē x 9Ē.

*** Shipping can get very expensive. PLEASE help.

Thank you for your help and Support!

Any Questions E-mail Mary Jean at: LoavesAndFishesMinistry@verizon.net