Commack's Photo Gallery

The family that prays and plays together, stays together!

NOTE 1... I am using the Shutterfly website to store these photos. Shutterfly will offer to sell you copies. You do not have to buy them.
Even though Shutterfly is a very reputable company, my intention is not to sell them but to display them so we can all see the love of Christ at work.
If you choose to buy professionally printed copies from Shutterfly , please keep in mind that the Commack Church of Christ
or myself are not receiving any money or residuals from Shutterfly. We have no association with them at all.
I pay a small fee to store these photos for easy sharing with all our church members.

NOTE 2...  If you are a church member, or a visitor, that has a child in these photos, I will gladly make you a CD or DVD copy of all the photos at no charge.
Just e-mail Frank at

NEW! You will need a password to view these photos.
Visitors to our church, that have children in these photos, may request a password.
Contact Frank by e-mail to request a password.

1- Click on the photo page link below.
2- Enter the password.
3- Click on the "PICTURES or VIDEO" tab.
4- Enjoy