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Writings of
Latayne C. Scott

This web site's purpose is to provide access to readers to the unpublished and out-of print writings of Latayne C. Scott. All of these documents are copyrighted. They may not be reproduced without written permission--in most cases from Latayne Scott. However, some are still protected by copyrights by publishing companies.
Representational Resources Briefly and simply stated, representational research looks at the way that the triadic or Trinitarian nature of God is reflected in reality, which has the part you can see, the part you can't see, and links between the two which are provided by God.
Bible Verses
Making the bible accessible for everyone.
Over 285 million people around the world are visually impaired of whom 39 million are blind (World Health Organization). At BibleVerses.com we are pleased to offer a free version of the Bible created specifically for users with vision disabilities. Our site is optimized for screen readers and braille displays, tailored to individuals with low vision, color blindness, and any other sight impairment.